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Shakti opened in 2005 (formerly the Yoga Room in Millburn from 2001). 

We are joyfully committed to serving our community by offering classes, workshops and healing services in a variety of styles for every body. Our warm, welcoming environment creates a safe space for personal exploration, healing and awakening. 

Shakti Yoga & living arts is a center dedicated to the art of living well. Shakti means energy, power, or that which is manifest (all things with form). Yoga means union: of body, mind, soul; as well as union of individual with All. Our vision at Shakti is to offer programs that honor the diversity in all, while encouraging awareness of the underlying unity within.

Sliding scale for class card options  available upon request.


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  • Took my first ever Kundalini class this past Saturday, with Trish which also happened to be my first class at Shakti. The studio is extremely welcoming and warm-hearted. The studio is open and bright and the heated floor is awesome!! <3 Shakti!! *****Seth Newfeld 12/13 (from FB)
  • This studio is a blessing to me. Stephanie D. Burroughs 2012 (from FB)
  • Thank you so much for the opportunity to practice in your gorgeous studio! We travel for work and that leaves the body stiff, so I was enticed by Shakti while walking through Maplewood, NJ. What a gem to come across!! Thank you again for such a marvelous practice that unwound my road-weary muscles. October, 2010 Molly Ochoa, DomeGuys International
  • What do you think of Maplewood's yoga scene? Shakti has been a center to connect with people on certain wavelengths. It's so supportive and relaxed. I love it there. Anna Winkler is the greatest and best yoga teacher I've ever had. Adam Rudolph from Maplewood Patch interview in March, 2010 with Lois Cantwell.
  • Hi Anna, Just wanted you to know…my wife and I went to a class last week where Ires was teaching….she is a gifted and wonderful teacher…we enjoyed her class immensely!! Thanks…. Best, Michael Kay 3/10

  • Kundalini Yoga at Shakti Yoga and Living Arts Center – what a weekly blessing. An hour and a half of one of the most ancient exercize regimens will change your world. The following are the mental and physical effects I have noticed over the years I have been practicing Kundalini at Shakti Yoga: My mind is more calm and centered, Huge tasks seem easily doable because I have the mental centeredness and physical strength to do them, Calmness happens, Sleep deepens, Body flexibility increases, Spirituality enters, Happiness abounds, Life’s moments sparkle, Concentration intensifies, Crisis become manageable, Radiant good health ensues. A recent visit to my dermatologist brought this comment: "Wow, no sagging flesh and what firm muscles!" Something she doesn’t often see in a client in her late seventies. A recent physical checkup resulted in 100% good health. Karen Bokert 11/08

  • I just wanted to write to say how much I enjoyed my first pre-natal yoga class last night with Gayle. It was calming and challenging at the same time. I will definitely be back for more after Labor Day. ~ Kathrine H. 9/08
  • I wanted to express my gratitude for your work and your studio. I can't begin to find the words to explain just how much yoga has impacted my family.  I have a special needs child who has benefited greatly from yoga. The messages of peace, ahimsa, being in the moment, paying attention to breath etc... have helped him with patience, dealing with transition, handling his aggressive impulses, and frustration tolerance. These wonderful messages have also helped his younger brother and me in dealing with his problems! In this hectic, competitive world we all live in, it is so refreshing to have an oasis of calm, support, and kindness right here in Maplewood. The stress of the world melts away when we step foot into your beautiful studio. Your instructors are all wonderful.  I have for so many years heard how yoga benefits both mind and body. My experience has been even better than that- it has benefited my family and how we relate with one another, it has benefited my friendships, my relationships at work etc... Again, thank you for all you do for us in the community.  ~ Chirstine C. 3/07

  • I'm a new-ish student in the Friday afternoon Pilates class with Jeanne. I am thrilled with the class, instructor, and also with Shakti in general -- it has become my refuge from a hectic week as a stay-at-home mother of two active little people!  I'm writing because I'm enjoying the Shakti environment in all regards, including, believe it or not, the orange color of some of the walls and doors. I'd love to paint one of the rooms in our house that simultaneously energizing and warm and calming color. - Jessica Z. 2/07
  • I took my first Kundalini class on Thursday evening and loved it.  I have signed up for Healing the heart center workshop and feel I have found something that will be very healing for me. I’m so happy that I’ve found your center, and can’t wait to try the next class on Monday evening.    ~ Camilla Nichols, 1/07

  • I just want to mention that I've been to the Mindfulness Mediation Group the past two Sunday nights, and I think it's great. Looking forward to continuing, and I think I will be bringing a friend or two.   Also, I think your center on Springfield Ave. is REALLY COOL! Major kudos to you!   ~ Robb Kushner
  • I didn't expect to get much from Yoga - a few stretches to improve my sports activity and prevent injury.  But I am receiving unexpected benefits.  For one, the pains in my legs which woke me up at nights have subsided.  I am feeling more limber, and have more energy.  Most surprising however is a new ability to surrender to a painful cramp in the calves, and, by doing so, eliminate it.  Truly amazing, and that after only a summer.   Thanks for bringing this into my life.   ~ Peter A. 


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