Healing Arts

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1 hour Round Belly Massage & Reflexology with Debra Bernath & a 5 class card
$181.29 ($15 savings, includes tax, save $5 on massage, $10 on 5 class card) 
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​1 hour Therapeutic Integrated MassageMyofacial Release
or Raindrop Technique with
Anna WinklerDebra Bernath or Tory Kragt & a 5 class card
$175.96 ($15 savings, includes tax, save $5 on massage, $10 on 5 class card) 

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1 hour Reflexology &/or Qigong Meridian Therapy with Debra Bernath & a 5 class card
$170.63 ($15 savings, includes tax, save $5 on massage, $10 on 5 class card) 
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1 1/2 hour Thai Massage with Anna Winkler & a 5 class card $213.28
($20 savings, includes tax, save $10 on massage, $10 on 5 class card)

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1 hour Private Yoga Class with Anna Winkler & a 5 class card
$165 ($20 savings, save $10 on private session, $10 on 5 class card) 

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3 - 1 hour Private Yoga Classes with Anna Winkler & a 5 class card
$335 ($25 savings, save $15 on 3 pack discount, save $10 on 5 class card)​ 

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TCM is an ancient and comprehensive healthcare system with over 4,000 years of history in treating and preventing disease. TCM incorporates several treatment modalities including Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage), Cupping, Moxabustion, Gua Sha, and Life Style Counseling, including Chinese Nutrition and Exercise. TCM can be used to treat many conditions, ranging from sports injuries, gynecological issues, fertility, digestive discomfort, stress and migraines. According to the World Health Organization, acupuncture alone can be used to treat over forty different illnesses.

Many frequently asked questions pertaining to Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology include the following: how many treatments are needed, does it hurt, how do I take the herbs, what type of needles are used, how quickly can I see results, how does acupuncture work, has acupuncture been clinically proven, are Chinese herbs save to take, and can other medical procedures be continued. All of these questions are answered in Jutta's TCM flyer available at Shakti.

Rates: Initial consultation with treatment $120 (takes up to 2 hrs); follow up sessions are $80
(lasts up to 1 hour and 15 minutes)  Add Ons: Moxa, Cupping or Cold Laser $40 each

Packages: 6 treatments for $470 or 12 for $900 (includes initial consult)  Add Ons $30 each 
To Schedule: contact Edward Izrailov, L.Ac, MHSc

Free 15-30 minute consultation with Edward: Mondays 9-10am or after 5pm. Must schedule in advance.


Literally, the “Science of Longevity”, this system of healing is thought to be the oldest on the planet. Based on the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air & ether) and how they interact in our bodies and with the environment; diet, lifestyle and herbal recommendations are given to balance them.

Rates:  $95 for the initial consult
To Schedule: contact Anna Winkler



BEMER stands for Bio Electric Magnetic Energy Regulation. BEMER is a breakthrough medical technology that is developed, owned and distributed by a 20-year-old European company. BEMER has 6 international patents, is German designed and Swiss made, listed in 50 medical publications, used in over 4,000 clinics and hospitals and has over a million users worldwide (in 40+ countries), including many top athletes (Michael Phelps). BEMER has a signed agreement with NASA to utilize the technology.

BEMER is registered with the FDA as a class 1 medical device and is proven to enhance: 

General blood flow
The body's nutrient and oxygen supply
Cellular waste disposal 
Cardiac function 
Physical fitness, strength and energy
Concentration and mental acuity
Stress reduction and relaxation
Sleep management

The future of health and wellness is Energy Medicine. You’ve heard of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and possibly even cosmeceuticals. BEMER is the global leader in a whole new industry referred to as Electroceuticals! It is a new, yet proven approach to optimum health and longevity using unique frequencies to enhance performance at a cellular level. It's Vibrational Healing for the 21st Century.

This 2 minute video shows exactly what happens in your capillaries, before and after use of BEMER.
https://www.youtube.com/watch…  by Dr. Rainer Klopp, head of Institute of Microcirculation in Berlin

This 5 minute video explains how the Bemer works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_zeMY6qGao

This 45 minute video explains in more detail the efficacy of the BEMER system.

Rates:  $25 for 8-20 minute session, $150 for package of 10, $20 add on to massage
To Schedule: contact Anna WinklerIndependent BEMER Distributor www.NRG4LIFE.bemergroup.com



Tory’s Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy sessions combine the vibrational sound of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls with improvised vocal toning.  During a healing session, the client places their feet onto the bottom of the singing bowl. Tory offers vocal toning while continuously playing the bowl to amplify the client's healing intention. If preferred, clients can receive a sound bath of the continuously played crystal singing bowl and vocal toning while lying on a massage table.

Rates: 30 minutes - $60, 6 Sessions for $300 (plus tax)
To Schedule: contact Tory Kragt




ENERGY WORK (CranioSacral & Polarity Therapy)

Tory’s form of energy work is an integration of two modalities: CranioSacral  and Polarity Therapy.  CranioSacral therapy assists the fluids and membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord to unwind and balance.  It also helps the body activate its internal healing capacity.  While it is a modality that works with a physical system, it also works with the subtle body systems to promote healing on the energetic and spiritual levels.  Polarity Therapy is the practice of stimulating and balancing the flow of life energy within the human energy bodies. During an energy work session, a client can choose to receive just CranioSacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, or a blend of the two therapies during one session.

Rates: 60 minutes - $95 (plus tax)
To Schedule: contact Tory Kragt



This non-invasive, clinical and evidence-based heart-centered holistic energy medicine (founded by Holistic Nurse, Janet Mentgen) promotes healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level by activating and balancing the individual energy biofield.

Some of the many benefits of this therapeutic work are: restored energy and vitality; reduced pain and side effects from medical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy; accelerated healing through pre and post surgery support; trauma release, life transition and personal direction; increased mental clarity; relief from stress and anxiety; promotes deep relaxation and better sleep quality.

Administered fully clothed with either gentle still touch or off the body (near body, but no direct contact) in a compassionate and intentional way to facilitate the recipient’s self-healing.

Introductory Rates: $35 for 30 minutes, $45 for 45 minutes, $50 for 1 hour
To Schedule: contact Chris Beljour



Jane has been conducting group beginner meditation classes here at Shakti since February, 2017. She earned a 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Certificate from Shakti in 2012. She has also conducted private instruction for developing an individualized meditation practice for students. She will introduce you to different forms of meditation and assist you in finding a practice to suit your lifestyle.  Private instruction classes will involve some gentle movement, meditation practice, guided meditations and use of essential oils and crystals when appropriate. 

As an angel intuitive, Jane is also available to conduct angel card readings. She offers 30 minute as well as 60 minute readings. Essential oils and crystals are often used or recommended in her sessions. Jane has also taught angel workshops here at Shakti. If appropriate, a guided meditation will often be part of a reading. She will use your session to teach and encourage you to begin to connect with your angels as part of the reading. 

Jane now offers a sixty minute session as a Certified Angel Guide. Session includes Angelic Channeling, an Angel Card Reading, and healing. Introductory rate is $75.

Rates: 60 minute Meditation Session $75 ~ 30 minute Angel Card Reading $40 ~ Add On to Meditation $30 
Introductory Rate:
 60 minute Certified Angel Guide Session (includes Angelic Channeling, Angel Card Reading and Healing) $75
Harmony Series: 3/60 minute Mediation Sessions $195
To Schedule: contact Jane Guzzi



Myofascial tissue is continuous and omnipresent in the body. It interweaves and wraps muscles, and every division of tissue within the muscle. By weight, 40% of a muscle is fascial tissue. Where there is chronic or acute pain, limited or difficult range of motion, ongoing stress and tension, there is almost always myofascial tissue which needs to be released and relaxed. The techniques are derived from Hellerwork, which is a gentler derivative of Rolfing.

This is deep work, with sensation. The immediate result is more freedom of movement.

Rates: 60 minutes $95 ~ 90 minutes $135 (plus tax)
Harmony Series: 3/60 minute sessions $270 ~ 3/90 minute sessions $375 (plus tax)

To Schedule: contact Anna Winkler



Polarity is a gentle yet powerful healing practice that relies on ancient wisdom, with roots in Ayurveda. It returns your body and mind to its natural state of harmony, balance and joyful energy.
90 minute session includes:
* BuiIdling a comprehensive awareness of your energy systems.
* Analizing the 5 elements and their effect on your body-mind, energy and chakra systems.
* Sound healing with tuning forks.
* Reduction of stress and tension.
* Qigong, sound and meditation practices.
* Compassionate listening.
* Nutrition and spiritual counseling upon request.

Rates: $90 for a 90 minute session ~ specical Introductory Rate for Shakti Students $60
To Schedule: contact Miriam O'Mahony


A great way to start a yoga practice, deepen your current practice or take it to the next level. Private Yoga Lessons allow for in-depth individual instruction catered to your specific needs and schedule. We offer general yoga sessions, pre and postnatal sessions, Iyengar yoga sessions, gentle yoga and meditation and yoga for kids with special needs.

Rates: $95/hour, $270 package of 3, $510 package of 6

General: contact Anna Winkler
Pre/Postnatal: contact Ires Wilbanks
Iyengar Yoga: contact Ellen Kaplan
Gentle Yoga & Meditation: contact Jane Guzzi


Qigong Meridian Therapy (QMT) is an "energy tune-up" which increases "vital energy" (Qi) and stimulates the body's own innate healing ability. Executed fully clothed on a table using special hand techniques on the body focusing on meridians and acupoints, this work is very stimulating, relaxing and deep. Sessions are given fully clothed on a massage table. Comfortable clothing is recommended.

Rates: 30 minutes $50 ~ 60 minutes $90 ~ 90 minutes $130 (plus tax)
Harmony Series: 3/30 minute sessions $135 ~ 3/60 minute sessions $255 ~ 3/90 minute sessions $375 (plus tax)
To Schedule:  contact Debra Bernath


Created in the 1980’s by D. Gary Young, N.D., based on his research with the Lakota Indians, therapeutic grade essential oils are dropped like rain along the spine and then worked into the skin with various light massage techniques. Within moments the oils are absorbed through the skin into the nerves and tissues of the body.

Wonderfully soothing, nurturing, and relaxing, Raindrop Technique can work its benefits in immediate and profound ways with long lasting effects.  Deep relaxation, increased energy, enhanced immunity, detoxification, relief of aches and pains, renewed flexibility, postural alignment, a sense of peacefulness and feelings of well being are just some of Raindrop Technique's extraordinary benefits.

Please shower before your session so the essential oils may stay on as long as possible (ideally overnight).  Wear or bring clothing that is machine washable, as some residual oils may absorb into your clothing after the session.  Plan on drinking 2 or 3 glasses of water after your Raindrop session. The essential oils bring nutrition into your cells and may cause your tissues to release toxins into your blood stream, lymph and skin. The water will facilitate this detoxification process.  Schedule a time for your appointment so you can relax afterwards.

Rates: 60 minutes $95, 3 sessions $270 (plus tax)
To Schedule: contact Anna WinklerDebra Bernath or Tory Kragt


Based on theories of energy zones that run through the body, this work involves applying alternate thumb and finger pressure to reflexes on handsand/or feet, affecting corresponding areas in the body. This results in deep relaxation, energy release and stress reduction, helping the body return to homeostasis. Refelexology can also be applied to the face and ears. Face, ear and neck are a wonderful combination. A 90 minute combo could include feet and hands, or face, ear and hands, etc. Sessions are given fully clothed, except shoes and socks, on a massage table.

Rates: 30 minutes $50 ~ 60 minutes $90 ~ 90 minutes $130 (plus tax)
Harmony Series: 3/30 min sessions $135 ~ 3/60 min sessions $255 ~ 3/90 min sessions $375 (plus tax)
To Schedule: contact Debra Bernath



Reiki is a form of energy healing. The history of Reiki goes back to Dr. Mikao Usui in the late 1800’s. Although “the laying on of hands” for healing dates back 2,500 years with the oldest written accounts tracing back to the Tibetan Lotus Sutras. The Reiki practitioner is trained and also receives a series of attunements by a Reiki Master. This opens the channels for healing energy to flow through the practitioner. Energy is everywhere. Everything and everyone is made of energy. Reiki channels healing energy through the attuned practitioner to the recipient for healing. Reiki can be done with or without touch. A practitioner will either touch you lightly or hover just above you. It is entirely up to the preference of the recipient. During a typical Reiki session the aura is cleared along with the chakras. Most people will benefit from three sessions to complete the clearing. Reiki can be sent to areas of illness in the body as well. Many people experience improvement. A Reiki session is beneficial to everyone. 

Rates:  $85 hour, 3 1-hour sessions $225
Introductory Rate for Summer 2018: $75 hour, 3 1-hour sessions $195
To Schedule: contact Jane Guzzi

for the Perinatal Period

Massage & Reflexology for before you're pregnant, while you're pregnant and after pregnancy.

Not pregnant yet? Massage & Reflexology can support the fertile environment through abdominal and pelvic techniques and focused Reflexology sessions.

Round Belly? Prenatal Massage & Reflexology, nurtures the mother to be in her 2nd & 3rd trimester, relaxing her body, mind & spirit, preparing her for baby's arrival.

Baby has arrived? Restorative Massage & Reflexology assists abdominal, caesarean and pelvic healing; reducing pain and excess fluids.

Round Belly Massage creates pecialized sessions for all of the seasons of motherhood, utilizing reflexology, somatic, myofacial and neuromuscular integrative techniques.

Rates: 60 mins $100 ~ 75 mins $120 ~ 90 mins $140 (plus tax, no tax with Dr’s. note)
Harmony Series: 3/60 min sessions $285, 3/75 min sessions $340, 3/90 min sessions $395, 6/60 min sessions $560, 6/75 min sessions $670, 6/90 min sessions $770 (plus tax)
More Information: see Debra's Website
To Schedule: contact Debra Bernath or Schedule Online



Shiatsu originated from Japan and has is roots in Folk and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Energy (Ki or Qi) reading of the client's hara, located in the abdomen, is assessed to define the session's approach. It consists of gentle stretching and rhythmic compression by hands, arms and knees applied to the meridians (energy lines) of deficiency and excess. Rebalances the flow of energy in the body. The session is done fully clothed on a mat on the floor. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Rates: 60 minutes $95 ~ 90 minutes $135 (plus tax)
To Schedule: contact Debra Bernath



Coaching is more than advice, it transforms lives.

Are you in transition in your Life, School, Career, Family, Personal Direction? Soul-Full Life Coaching can help you to:

Reveal fresh perspectives and new solutions where you feel stuck, anxious, overwhelmed, angry, stressed.
Determine what you want most out of life and create a viable action plan to achieve your goals.
Find your ’Inner Compass’ directing you to your happiest, most authentic life.
See the big picture of your life and hone the areas that need attention to keep you on track.
Cultivate mindfulness to create positive change in your thoughts, feelings and responses. 
Heal past trauma to live confidently in the ‘now.’ Become the person you really want to be.

Contact Denise today for a complimentary session. Please enjoy this free audio… Shadow Meditation

Rates: $150 per session
To Schedule: contact Denise Rizvi



The recipient of TMQ is a willing participant who is ready for a personalized healing journey. "Qi" or Lifeforce is channeled by the practitioner through their hands to the areas of stagnation and deficiency. Light touch may be applied and Qigong movements or postures may be given. The recipient can have a variety of responses, from tingling to warmth to seemingly nothing at all, but the bottom line is they will be uncovering the underlying messages to promote deep lasting physical, emotional and spiritual harmony.

Rates: 30 minutes $50 (plus tax)
Harmony Series: 3/30 minute sessions $135 (plus tax)
To Schedule: contact Debra Bernath




A melding of Chi Nei Tsang or Taoist/Chinese abdominal massage and Thai soft abdomen massage, these techniques work to help your body heal abdominal issues. There is much confusion about food and health. We have many digestive and emotional issues surrounding and trapped in the soft abdomen, inhibiting correct function. In Thai massage we approach the body not as a machine, but as an organic structure with an energy system and an emotional system that can both change the structure and physiology of the physical organism. The focus of the massage is on detoxifying and assisting the very important digestive process. If we cannot digest effectively we will have no energy, if we cannot de-toxify we will feel irritable and uncomfortable. 

We start with the top layer of the body, the skin, to detoxify it. We work into the facial layer, unblocking adhesions, facial chains and releasing scars. We work on the main muscles of the abdomen to relax them. We work on the digestive system from stomach to rectum, shifting blockages. Finally, we work the sen lines (meridians) of the abdomen (Sea of Qi), as this stimulates the body's natural desire for optimal health.

This is deep work, with sensation. Multiple sessions are recommended. 

Rates: 60 minutes $95 ~ 90 minutes $135 (plus tax)
Harmony Series: 3/60 minute sessions $270 ~ 3/90 minute sessions $390 (plus tax)
To Schedule: contact Anna Winkler


The art of Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient and sacred system of healing with roots in Yoga, Ayurvedic Medicine and Buddhist spiritual practice. Combining rhythmic compression, gentle rocking, acupressure on Sen Lines (energy pathways) and assisted yoga like stretching, it creates a powerful release of stress and tension, an increase in vitality and well being, and stimulates the flow of healing energies within the body.

The session is done fully clothed on a mat on the floor. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Rates: 90 minutes $135 (plus tax) ~ 3/90 minute sessions $375 (plus tax)
To Schedule: contact Anna Winkler


Therapeutic Integrated Massage offers many benefits including deep relaxation, pain relief, revitalized energy and more. It is a combination of traditional western massage such as Swedish, Deep Tissue and Myofacial Release; as well as traditional eastern bodywork such as  Acupressure, Polarity Energy Work, Craniosacral, Qigong Meridian Therapy, Reflexology and Thai Massage. It may include the use of essential oils.

Rates:  60 minutes $95 ~ 90 minutes $135 (plus tax)
Harmony Series: 3/60 minute sessions $270 ~ 3/90 minute sessions $375 (plus tax)
To Schedule: contact Anna Winkler Debra Bernath or Tory Kragt



Vibrational Healing with Singing Bowls is an ancient modality from the Himalayan areas of Nepal, India, and Tibet. A private meditation will last approximately one hour. The recipient will be prepared on a yoga mat or blanket. Incense, candles, or oils may be used during the session. The recipient will be surrounded with the bowls while ancient protocols are gently followed. Soothing vibrations will wash over and through the recipient during the hour. Bowls are placed on the body to deepen the process, all with the intention of achieving a deeply relaxed state of body and mind. Pure Bliss...

Rate: 60 minutes $125 
To Schedule: contact Kati Walker


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